Hidden & Embargoed Events

How to hide your event and set an embargo

Hiding an event:

To hide your event from the event listings:

  1. Head to RA Pro
  2. Click on the event you want to hide
  3. On the right hand side of the “overview” tab you will see the option to “Hide event”.

Once hidden your event will be hidden from the listings and can only be accessed through the direct link provided.

You will need to have added your promoter account as a linked promoter on the event in order to access Advanced Controls.

You can do this by heading to the 'Submit Update' tab and scrolling down to the Promoters section.

Making your event live:

To make your event live again, just click “make live now”

Embargoed events:

Once hidden, you can set your event to go live automatically at a specific date and time.

To set an embargo:
  1. Set your event to hidden
  2. You will then see an option to set the date and time that the event should go liveYou must set both the date and time for the embargo to work
  3. Click “save” - your event will be hidden until the selected date and time

If you’re an event promoter or event organiser and you still need help, go to RA Pro and login. Then use the “Help” button in the corner to contact us.

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