Adding Tickets

          How to add tickets to your event

          It’s completely free to sell tickets on RA. 

          We charge a small booking fee for each ticket, but this is paid for by the customer.

          Adding tickets:

          Once you’ve submitted your event and created a promoter account, you can add tickets to your event.

          To add a ticket:
          1. Head to the Event Management tab of your event
          2. Click ‘Add Tickets’
          3. View and sign RA’s Promoter Terms
          4. Enter a ticket title, price and allocation
          5. Choose an on-sale and off sale date & time for your ticket
          6. Click “Add”
          7. Your ticket will be submitted and you can repeat the process for additional tiers
          8. Add a dependency for subsequent tickets if you want tier 1 to sell out first

          Please note that you will be unable to edit the title or price once a ticket goes live. You can however edit the on sale, off sale, allocation and visibility of a ticket at any time.

          If you want to add more ticket tiers you can go back to ticket management at any time.

          • Keep your ticket titles as short as possible
          • Try to use common ticket titles such as:
            • Early bird
            • 1st release
            • General admission
            • VIP
            • Free ticket

          Additional ticket types:

          Group tickets:

          If you need to sell group or table tickets make sure the requirements are specified within the ticket titles. Only one barcode is generated per ticket purchase, so it’s always advised to specify that guests must arrive together. Examples of group / table ticket titles below:

          • Group ticket (4 people, must arrive together)
          • Table ticket (6 people, must arrive together)

          Free tickets:

          Selling free tickets is a great way to boost attendance at your events and can be especially helpful if you’re looking to get people through the door early on, or if you’re just starting out and want to grow your audience before charging an entry fee.

          Find out more here.

          Hidden tickets:

          If you’re selling tickets for an event, you might want to hide ticket tiers for a number of reasons:

          • You want to set up hidden tickets for pre-sales, discounted tickets or hidden upgrades
          • The previous tier is sold out and therefore no longer relevant
          • You have introduced a new tier with updated purchase info in place of an existing tier
          • You don’t want customers to see the price of your earlier releases

          Find out how to do that here.


          Add ons allow you to add additional ticket types to their event pages, such as drinks, travel or accommodation, offering more flexible ticket management options, as well as online POS solutions for on-site transactions. 

          For more information, click here.

          Promo Codes and Discount links:

          There are 3 types of promo codes that can be created from the “Promos” section on your ticket management page.

          1. Discount Codes - Used to apply discounts to ticket purchases
          2. Ticket Rep links - Individual codes for ticket reps so you can track how they are selling.
          3. Secret ticket links - Custom URL’s that allow access to secret ticket tiers such as friends & Family tickets or Presales

          Find out more here.

          If you need any help adding tickets, please email our Promoter Support team. [email protected]

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