Guest Management Tracking

Track your attendees with Resident Advisor’s Guest Management Tracking Ticket Scanner solution.

Resident Advisor has launched Guest Management Tracking (GMT) functionality to help operators reopen safely in compliance with government guidelines. The tool tracks exactly who enters each event to ensure it is simple to notify all attendees if someone has tested positive for COVID-19. 

RA Tickets, the only ticketing and guest management platform built solely for the electronic music community, has enhanced its powerful Ticket Scanner technology to provide operators with specific ID tracking tools needed to run events in compliance with local guidelines when it is safe to do so. 

The Guest Management Tracking technology allows event operators to ensure that if there is a coronavirus case at the event, organisers can notify all event attendees, whether they purchased their ticket in advance or at the door.

Guest Management Tracking features:

  • Contact-free functionality to automatically track all event attendees with personalised ID.
  • Track customers who purchase tickets online in advance or on the door.
  • Enter individual attendee details at the door for group tickets to ensure accuracy.
  • Track the exact times that someone arrives at each event.
  • Ensure Track & Trace teams have the ability to notify all attendees after the event if someone at the event tests positive for COVID-19.
  • No additional cost for this attendee tracking solution.
  • Data collection complies with GDPR to ensure ticket buyer privacy protection.

RA Tickets recognises that live event regulations differ significantly throughout the 50 countries within which it operates. This product has been built in compliance with safety guidelines already introduced in countries throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. RA Tickets will only allow its platform to be used to run live events that comply with regional guidelines.

If you’re interested in using RA’s Guest Management Tracker to support your event please contact [email protected].

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