All Gender Toilet Access

How to ensure toilets remain gender-inclusive at your parties

If you want all customers to feel safe at your events, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression, then you'll need to ensure the bathroom and toilet facilities are as accessible as they can possibly be.

We All Need The Toilet! An All-gender Access Toolkit — a guide produced by Good Night Out Campaign and LGBT+ anti-violence charity Galop — offers advice on how to support all-gender toilet access in public spaces, and has been written with clubs and venues specifically in mind.

The toolkit details:

  • Why gender can be an accessibility issue
  • The myths and realities when it comes to safety and bathroom access
  • The dangers of exclusion and the benefits of having inclusive facilities
  • What your legal responsibilities are to prevent discrimination
  • What your options are to make your toilet facilities more accessible

It also includes downloadable A3 and A4 posters that you can put up in bathrooms and toilets.

Resources you can download:
  1. Downloadable PDF toolkit: We All Need The Toilet! An All-gender Access Toolkit
  2. A3 poster (colour)
  3. A3 poster (black & white)
  4. A4 poster (colour)
  5. A4 poster (black & white)
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