I have a question about my order or tickets

The event I have tickets for has been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our customer support team are handling a high volume of enquiries. 
They are working with each event organiser to confirm the process for ticket holders once an event is cancelled or postponed. You may have already received information via email or through the event organiser’s social channels. Please be assured that as soon as we receive information about any changes made to your event, you will be contacted by RA or the promoter immediately.
You do not need to contact RA Ticket Support.
You should also check in your order history to see if the skip your refund tool is available for your order. To do this, head to the order in the “ My Tickets” section and look out for the “Refund”, “Keep” or “Donate” buttons.

Where is my ticket?

You can download and access your tickets by logging into your user account and selecting the order from My Tickets. You need to enter your RA password in order to download your tickets. An automated email is also sent out when the tickets are purchased. If not present in your inbox, please check your junk or spam email and ensure the email address attached to your account is up to date in your profile settings.

Tickets for some events are only available to download 48 hours before the event starts. This helps prevent the circulation of fake or overpriced tickets.

Can I display my ticket on my phone?

Yes. Displaying your tickets at the venue on your phone is recommended. Save the environment and avoid unnecessary printing!

Do I need to take ID to the venue?

Yes. Valid ID is required to gain entry to most events. Please check the rules of your local government for the types of ID accepted in your area.

I’ve checked My Tickets but my ticket is not there. What do I do?

You may have bought the ticket using a different user account. If so, you should check My Tickets while logged into that user account. Here are some possibilities to consider:
  • Were you logged into a friend’s account when you made this purchase?
  • Do you have another email address? You may have created a separate user account with this address.
  • Did you log in with Facebook? You may have created a new RA account linked to Facebook and purchased tickets with that account. Try logging out and then logging in with Facebook.

I want to change the name on my ticket

You can only do this up to 48 hours before an event. To do so you'll need to view the ticket by downloading the RA Guide app. You might want to change the name on a ticket if the promoter requires ID for an event.

To change a name launch the RA Guide app and open a ticket. You can change the name of the ticket using the pencil icon. Please note, you can only change the name of a ticket once. You can't resell a ticket once you've changed a name.

I can no longer attend the event

If the event is likely to sell out, you can use the RA Ticket Resale* service to get a refund for your ticket. Visit My Tickets, click into the order, and add the ticket to the resale queue. Once sold, you will be refunded.
Tickets are non-transferable, however you can change the name on the ticket up to 48 hours prior to the event. To do this head to the 'My Tickets' section of the RA Guide app.

*Please note that the RA Ticket Resale service is not available for select events.

If you’ve bought a ticket and you still need help, go to My Tickets. Login and click on “View tickets” for the order you need help with. 

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