Exporting RA Charts data

Download your RA Chart data from the residentadvisor.net archives

While the new site does not support RA Chart functionality, you can still download your historical data using these quick steps.

  1. Head to RA Pro
  2. Scroll down to artists and click the artist you want to export chart data from
  3. Under artist management, navigate to API
  4. Scroll down to 'How can I access the APIs' and make a note of the following data:
    1. UserID
    2. API Key
    3. DJID
  5. In a new tab, open this link
  6. Sign into your Google account and click 'make a copy'. This will copy the spreadsheet into your Google Drive.
  7. Enter your UserID, API Key and DJID into the relevant fields and the spreadsheet will automatically pull your RA chart data
  8. You can then export this data into your preferred file format e.g. Excel, PDF etc.

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