I want to use the resale service

How do I resell my ticket?

RA Tickets has a resale service that allows you to securely sell your tickets to other users.

If you have a ticket that you no longer wish to use, go to My Tickets and click on the order that you want to resell. Enter your RA password and then click "Resell Ticket."

When a ticket is resold through the queue, the original version becomes invalid, and our system generates a new ticket. You'll then receive a confirmation email and your money will be refunded. Tickets in the resale queue will only be available for purchase once the event is sold out.

Once entered into the resale queue, you will only be refunded if your ticket sells. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your ticket will sell.

The resale system may not be available for all events and its availability is at the discretion of the promoter. Posted tickets cannot be resold.

You will receive a refund equal to the amount that you paid for the ticket, minus an administrative fee.

My ticket has not resold. Is it still valid for me to use?

Yes, you can still use your ticket at the event.

When do I receive a refund once my ticket has resold?

Please allow four to ten working days for the funds to appear in your account.

How do I remove my ticket from the resale queue?

You can remove tickets from the resale queue in the same way you added them. Go to My Tickets, click on the order in question and enter your RA password. You will see a "Keep Ticket" button which will remove your ticket from the resale queue when clicked.

If you’ve bought a ticket and you still need help, go to My Tickets. Login and click on “View tickets” for the order you need help with. 

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