Deposit Schemes

Offer flexible payment plans to your customers

For festivals and large-scale shows, we offer a ticket deposit scheme. Deposit schemes allow customers to spread the cost of a ticket through multiple instalments. You can choose your own price points and deadlines. Deposits are non-refundable, and tickets can be re-allocated to new customers should a deadline be missed.

How it works:

  1. Customers will see the first instalment as a purchase option for your event.

  2. Once purchased, they will receive payment instructions for the following instalment via email, which can only be accessed via that same user account.

  3. Automated email reminders will be sent out to ticket buyers 6 days, 4 days and 48 hours before the deadline to ensure they complete their purchase.
  4. Only once all instalments are paid will the customer receive their barcode for entry to the event.

How to enable deposit schemes:

Email [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Link to your RA event page
  • Breakdown of the number of instalments and price for each
  • On-sale date and time for the first instalment
  • Breakdown of the date and time of each deadline

Please note that deposit schemes are only available for tickets with a total value of over £60.

Deposit instalments can only be purchased on desktop or mobile web, not the app. Customers will need to be signed into the username that purchased the first instalment to pay for later ones.

If you’re an event promoter or event organiser and you still need help, go to RA Pro and login. Then use the “Help” button in the corner to contact us.

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