User accounts and promoter pages

This guide will lay out the difference between user accounts and promoter accounts and how they are linked together. It will also highlight the difference between event admins and ticket admins.

User accounts 

Anyone who has bought tickets on RA will have a user account. A user account can be created from the top right of the home page

The user account is used to buy tickets, submit events, and edit events

Event admin

The user account you use to create an event will become the event admin. Only this user can then edit the event details. The event will appear in that users 'My events' tab in RA Pro.

From here, you can easily access the 'Event management' page of each of your events and make changes/updates. If you would like to change the event admin, you can do so by heading to your Event overview page, then hover over Settings and navigate to Advanced

Be careful when doing this and ensure you are using your USERNAME (user account) rather than the promoter name. When you are doing this, you are giving event admin control over to another user. 

NOTE: Only one user can be event admin. 

Promoter page

Promoter pages are used to manage the ticketing aspect of an event.

To create a promoter page, you will first need to log into or create a user account. Then head to RA pro and click ‘add promoter.’ The user account you are logged into when creating the promoter page will be the one that manages that promoter. This means that to access your promoter account and add/edit your tickets, you will first need to be logged into the correct user account that manages that promoter. New promoter pages are approved by RA staff when you first submit a ticket using that promoter page. 

On the front end, promoter pages list all the events your promoter page is linked to. 

Ticket admin 

A ticket admin is a promoter account with access to view and amend ticket sales on a specific event. Whichever promoter account submits tickets will automatically be added as a ticket admin as part of the ticket submission process. This means they have access to view and edit ticket sales, add promo codes etc. If you would like additional promoters to have ticket admin status, please reach out to us - [email protected]

When a promoter account has ticket admin access, they will be able to access the ticket management tab and see the event listed in their 'ticketed events' tab on RA Pro. If you can't see the ticket management tab and think you should, it may be that you are logged into the wrong user account and not the one that manages that promoter. It may also be that your promoter account doesn't have ticket admin access, reach out to us and we can have a look into this for you. 

User accounts can also manage artist and label pages. For further information on how to create an artist or label page, please see this guide.

If you’re an event promoter or event organiser and you still need help, go to RA Pro and login. Then use the “Help” button in the corner to contact us.

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