Creating an artist, DJ or label page

Creating an artist or DJ page is a great way to increase visibility by allowing you to be tagged on event lineups. Doing so means your fans can follow your artist/DJ page and be notified of your upcoming events.

Setting up your Artist, DJ or Label page

If you would like a DJ or artist page, please create your profile here.

If you would like a label page, please create a profile here.

Adding images: Please make sure you add an profile image when creating your page. Not doing so will lead to a delay in your page being approved. For more info on adding images see this guide here.

Where is my Artist, DJ or Label page?

You can view and manage your label, artist or DJ pages by logging into RA Pro account.

My Label or Artist profile hasn't been approved

If you have submitted a label or artist page and it hasn't been approved within 72 hours, it may be that you've left out important information like label logos and website URLs. Please see your record labels or your artist pages and ensure the relevant information has been submitted.

Please note that user accounts and artist pages are two separate things. Your user account can manage an artist, label, or promoter page. For more information on user accounts, please see this guide.

If you’re an artist or label owner and you still need help, please contact [email protected] with your RA username and artist or label name to hand.

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