RA Ticket Fees

RA Ticket Fees cover the costs of providing our ticketing service. 

The fees are the difference between the price the customer pays (a.k.a the ticket's face value), and what you as a promoter receives. RA fees are covered by the customer, so it is completely free for promoters to sell tickets on our platform.

What are RA Ticket Fees?

We have two different fee structures: Service fees and Booking fees.

Service fees are included in the price of the ticket that is paid by the buyer whereas booking fees are added onto the price of the ticket and is paid for by the ticket buyer. 

RA will either charge Service Fees or Booking Fees, not both. 

Fee Type Buyer Sees Promoter Receives
Booking Fee £7.50 + £1.00 £7.50
Service Fee £8.50 £7.50

Are the fees different?

No, the fee charged depends on the face value of the ticket. It will be the same regardless of whether you are using Booking or Service Fees

Should I split out the Fees for customers?

RA recommends that you do not split out the fees. From our testing and research, customers prefer to see one single price for a ticket.

From extensive A/B testing we found the likelihood of a user to convert when landing on your event page is much higher (around 3-5%) if a single price is presented to them vs having a split out booking fee, even when the total price is exactly the same.

This means, for every 100 users who would buy tickets to your event, you could see on average 3 to 5 more tickets purchased when using service fees!

Where does the Service Fee / Booking Fee go?

Service Fees and Booking Fees cover the costs of providing our ticketing service. It can be broken down into three parts:

  • A transaction fee that is used to cover the costs incurred by RA of completing the transaction (for example merchant fees, bank fees and payment fees)
  • For Service Fees, VAT is paid from you (The Promoter) to Resident Advisor. You can retrieve VAT invoices here and find out more in this guide. 
  • The remainder goes towards:
    • RA's labour and office costs for our developers, who build and maintain RA's website and our event discovery app, the RA Guide.
    • Round-the-clock customer and promoter support and infrastructure to ensure people can buy tickets securely and speedily in over 50 countries. 

We cover all of these costs with one small per-ticket fee.


How can I tell if I have been switched over to service fees?

On the Ticket Management page for a new event, if you Add a new ticket and the  'Split out booking fee for customer' box is not checked, then your event is on service fees. If the 'Split out booking fee for customer' box is not visible, then your event is on service fees.

How can I switch to service fees?

We are rolling out service fees gradually by country. Once service fees have been rolled out in your area, service fees will be switched on for your events by default so you can take advantage of them immediately.

My event is on service fees. How do I change it to booking fees?

If service fees are available in your region, service fees will be switched on for your events by default. If you want to switch to booking fees, you can do this by checking the 'Split out booking fee for customer' box when you create your first ticket. If you've already created tickets for you event and you want to change to booking fees, you'll need to delete your tickets and check the 'Split out booking fee for customer' box when you create your first ticket.

How can I see how much VAT I've paid on service fees?

To help with your financial reporting, we've made it clear how much VAT has been charged on service fees on your Tax Invoices. These can be found by clicking on your Promoter on the RA Pro homepage and navigating to the Tax invoices page. Tax invoices will be made available on a monthly basis.

If you’re an event promoter or event organiser and you still need help, go to RA Pro and login. Then use the “Help” button in the corner to contact us.

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