Event visibility

When submitting or updating your event, you can choose to make your event:

  • Public - your event will be visibile in the event listings for everybody to see
  • Hidden - your event will not be visibile in the listings, but it can be accessed via the event page's URL
  • Scheduled - your event will be Hidden until the time you select, after which it will be Public

How can I change my event's visibility?

  1. Submit or update an event
  2. Go to step 4
  3. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see Event visibility

Why would I want to hide or schedule my event?

You might want to hide your event if it's not quite ready for the public to see e.g. if you've not finished writing the description, you can submit your event as hidden and come back later to finish it.

You also might want to hide your event if you're running a private event. You can share the URL with guests, who will be able to see your event and buy tickets, without your event being displayed in the event listings.

You might also want to coordinate publishing your event with some marketing or promotional activity.

Who can see my event?

Your event's visibility is displayed in the event summary above the event name. You'll be able to see this no matter what page you're on, so you can be sure about who can and cannot see your event.

Public - anyone visiting RA can view your event

Hidden - anyone with your event's URL can view your event

Scheduled - anyone with your event's URL can view your event until the time you scheduled it to be Public, after which anyone visiting RA can view your event

Who can see my event if it is pending approval?

Your event will not be visible on our site whilst it is pending approval. Once approved, whichever visibility you selected when you submitted your event will apply.

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