RA Ticket Scanner

How to use the RA Ticket Scanner

The RA Ticket Scanner has been developed by a team that understands club culture and the specific needs of promoters and venues, ensuring you have the most powerful entry logistics tool for events ranging from 200 to 20,000 people. 

RA Ticket Scanner supports:

  • Paper tickets
  • E-tickets
  • Tickets through the RA Guide app
  • Tickets in Apple Wallet
  • Smartphone-displayed tickets
  • Tickets sold on external outlets


  • Super-fast and reliable synced scanning across multiple devices
  • Real-time entry tracking statistics
  • Add new guests at any time, at the touch of a button, from any device 
  • Real-time syncing to handle last-minute guestlist requests in seconds
  • Search for guest names manually or filter by guestlist or ticket tier
  • Import tickets from other vendors 
  • Amend ticket allocations or end sale dates and stop sales through the app
  • Secondary and tertiary logins for door staff with limited access

RA Ticket Scanner Walkthrough

1. Logging in

Enter the username and password that controls the primary promoter account

Secondary users:
If you have door staff, we recommend you set a secondary user password. Those who login using a secondary password cannot see statistics, add guestlist, or change ticket allocations. 

To do this, head to RA Pro, navigate to Ticket Management and set the password under the 'RA Ticket Scanner' section at the bottom of the page. We recommend you change the password for every event. The username remains the same as the primary login.

Tertiary users:

If you want to hide the names of guests on the app then you can also set a tertiary user password.

To do this, follow the same process as above for secondary users.

2. Select promoter

Select your account from the list on the screen.

3. Select event

You will be able to select events from a list of current or past events. Select the event you want to scan tickets for.

4. Menu navigation

The following statistics are displayed beneath the event details:

  • Tickets scanned / tickets sold (e.g. 300 / 500)
  • Guestlist tickets scanned / guestlist tickets sent (e.g. 10 / 20)
  • Total tickets scanned / total tickets sold (e.g. 310 / 520)
  • Scanned by device (e.g. 310)

The main event menu is then split into four sections:

  • Scan tickets: 
    Access the ticket holders list and scan people in
  • Sales management:
    View ticket sales, update ticket allocation and update ticket sale end date.
  • Event statistics: 
    View tickets sold, guestlist, roll call, revenue and event views
  • Advanced:
    Turn on local sync to scan tickets without an internet connection
The scanning status of your device is displayed at the top of the screen. You can tap the info button to see a full breakdown for what each status means.
Sometimes you might see a message below 'scanned by device' that says 'pending upload'.

This message means some scans have not yet successfully synced to the server and will display the number of tickets yet to be uploaded.

To clear 'pending upload', simply sync the device. If the Pending Upload number does not reduce, then this could be a sign that the device is struggling to connect to the internet. We recommend using 'local sync' (see step 9) in such instances.

If you can't see this message then all scans have successfully synced with the server.

5. Scan tickets

Tap the 'scan' button to scan printed or mobile barcode tickets by holding the camera over the barcode until the ticket is checked in. 

If you are operating in a dark area, you can increase visibility by tapping the button in the top right-hand corner to turn on the flashlight. Bear in mind however that keeping the flash on will drain the battery significantly faster.
You can manually check guests in by double tapping or swiping right on their name, or via the search bar. Once a guest is checked in, a green tick will appear next to their name. If you check someone in by mistake, just double tap or swipe left on the name and tap ' undo'.
You can also reject guests by swiping left on the name and tapping ' Reject'.
You also can filter names by tier (e.g. if you have a separate VIP queue).

Tap ' filter', ensure the relevant tier is selected and then tap 'submit'. You will then see a filtered list of ticket holders. When the filter is enabled, the device will only scan tickets from that particular tier (e.g. VIP filter will not scan GA tickets).

6. Adding guests

You can also manually add guests to the guestlist directly from the app. Just Tap 'add' in the top right-hand corner, fill in their details and tap 'submit'.

The guest will then be added to the guestlist and can be checked in.

Please note however that adding guests in this way means you are adding them to the guestlist and they will not be charged for entry. The guestlist ticket will also not count towards ticket sales or any revenue statistics.
7. Sales management

Tap a ticket tier to see a sales breakdown for that ticket.

You can adjust allocations in real-time by tapping ' update allocation', stop sales or update the sale end date and time from this window.

8. Event statistics

This is your real-time event dashboard.

You can view tickets sold, guestlist, roll call, revenue and event views.

Tap 'view more statistics' and login to RA Pro for a more detailed breakdown. 

9. Advanced

You can scan tickets without an internet connection by turning on local sync.

Local sync enables devices to connect to a local Wi-Fi network so that they can communicate with one another even when there is no / limited internet connection. This is especially relevant for festivals or large-scale events using multiple scanning lanes, where unstable internet connections can sometimes lead to tickets being scanned more than once. By using a Wi-Fi router to connect the devices over a local network, local sync ensures scanning data and roll call statistics are updated in real-time across all devices.
Please note however that using local sync will drain device batteries faster than usual.

Importing external tickets:

Preparing the file:
  • In order to import external tickets into the RA scanning system, you’ll need to create a spreadsheet for each separate ticketing outlet.
  • The file must be in .csv format and there must only be 3 columns - with the titles: Name, Barcode and Type
  • The column titles must contain those titles only.
Name Barcode Type
Joe Bloggs 12345678 Early bird
Jane Doe 12345678 4th release
Please note that the columns can be uploaded in any order but the titles must be as stated. 

Please check for spacing before or after the words as any additional characters or spaces in the title field can cause upload issues (including capital letters and -s at the end of the titles)

If there’s a separate column for first name and last name in the export spreadsheet for the other ticket outlets, you’ll need to collate this into one column.

How to collate first & last names in a spreadsheet:
  1. Create a new column and input the following formula:


Note that B3 and C3 are just random examples and represent the cell number for the first name and last name respectively

B3 = first name cell

C3 = surname cell

  1. Drag the formula down to fill in the full name for all ticket holders
  2. Create a new column to the right of the previous column
  3. Copy the name data and paste into the new column using ‘paste values only’
  4. Delete all other columns
  5. Title the remaining column ‘Name’

Once you’re left with the three columns, save this as a CSV. file which can then be imported.

Uploading into RA:

To import your pre-prepared files:

  1. Head to RA Pro
  2. Click on the event title of the event you need to upload the tickets to
  3. Click on the “ticket scanner & guestlist” tab
  4. Under the “EXTERNAL TICKET IMPORT” title click “Manage external tickets”

  5. Enter the name of the outlet you are uploading from
  6. Click Choose File and select the pre-prepared .CSV file you made earlier

7. Once uploaded you will see a list of all your external tickets below as well as an update of the number of external tickets that have been imported:

If you make a mistake, you can delete individual tickets or delete all from the bottom of the page.

These tickets will then appear in the ticket scanner and can be scanned in or manually entered.

If you’re an event promoter or event organiser and you still need help, go to RA Pro and login. Then use the “Help” button in the corner to contact us.

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