How to give your fans early access to tickets

A pre-sale is a private sale that takes place before tickets go on sale to the general public.

Pre-sales are a great way to:

  • Give customers early / priority access to tickets before they go on general sale
  • Offer discounted tickets to your regular customers
  • Collect sign-up data for future marketing purposes
  • Generate additional hype for your event
If you want to limit pre-sale access — e.g. only offer it to customers who have signed up for the relevant pre-sale — then you’ll need to create a landing page in order to collect these sign-ups.


You can create a landing page on RA for your event — which can include a description, artwork or a YouTube video — so that users can register their interest for it and be notified when it goes live.

The great thing about using the RA pre-registration tool is that any registered users will be added to your event roll call, which increases your visibility across the RA platform. 

For more information on how to do this please consult the how-to-guide below.

How-to-guide: Pre-registration

Creating a pre-sale link

In order to access the pre-sale, customers will need a private link.

You can do this by creating a secret ticket link for a hidden ticket.

If you want to schedule the pre-sale to start and end on a specific date and time, you’ll also need to specify the on sale and off sale dates and times for that particular ticket.

For more information on how to do this, please consult the how-to-guides below.

How-to-guide: Adding tickets
How-to-guide: Hidden tickets
How-to-guide: Promo codes

Exporting sign-up data

Once you’ve set up your pre-sale link — and pre-registration has finished — you’ll then want to export your sign-up data so you can email your pre-sale link out to your customers.

To do this:

  1. Head to Ticket Management*
  2. Click “Export Pre-registration”

* Ticket Management will only be visible if you have submitted tickets

Switching to general sale

If you have any remaining pre-sale allocation once pre-sale has ended, you can either:

Make the tickets available to the public:

  1. Amend the on sale date & time to match that of your general sale
  2. Change the visibility of your ticket from ‘hidden’ to ‘visible’.

Move the tickets over to a different tier:

  1. Click stop sales on the relevant ticket in Ticket Management
  2. Add the remaining allocation to your new ticket tier
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