Event Ranking 101

Event ranking is an algorithm we use to rank events on RA and determines where an event places in the local listings for a particular set of filters against all other events on that filter. It’s based on the aforementioned user actions above, as well as several other contributing factors, and rewards promoters that sell tickets exclusively on RA. This algorithm is constantly changing and we never disclose the details of the formula in order to preserve the integrity of our listings ecosystem.

Here are some best practices that you can follow in order to maximise your event ranking on RA:

  1. Tag artists and genres

Always make sure you tag artists properly on your event lineups. Not doing so might mean you miss out on RA’s free targeted push notification and email marketing services.

Tagging artists
  1. Choose RA for tickets

Sell your tickets exclusively on RA and access our audience of 6m monthly active users. The more tickets you sell, the greater the event interest, and the higher you’ll rank in your local listings. 

  1. Add paid tickets to your events

Sell paid tickets rather than free tickets. While we love it when you use RA for free tickets and guestlist, paid tickets will always have more of a bearing on event ranking.

  1. Add metadata to your events

It’s important to populate your events with as much metadata as possible. Adding information such as media links, set times, cost, minimum age etc. will not only benefit your event ranking in RA, but also your page ranking on Google. Adding a description to your artwork is also another good way to improve the SEO of your event.

Set Times
  1. Keep things clear and concise

A short and snappy event title – as well as an accurate event description – will drive user engagement and help ticket buyers understand what your event is about.


*** SOLD OUT*** Resident Advisor Presents: The August Bank Holiday Weekend Special at fabric Featuring Ricardo Villalobos, Margaret Dygas, Sonja Moonear, Craig Richards & more (House, Minimal)


RA: Ricardo Villalobos, Margaret Dygas & more

  1. Add your event flyer

Upload artwork to help your event to stand out from the crowd and boost the visibility of your brand.

To avoid auto-cropping on your artwork, please upload an A3 file (1:1.414 aspect ratio).

Media Links
  1. Make the most of RA’s ticket alerts

If your event sells out, use RA’s resale and ticket notification services to continue selling tickets. The additional boost in event ranking will help you to reach even more punters.

  1. Take advantage of pre-registration

Run a pre-registration campaign to drive interest in your event early doors. This helps to establish an initial event ranking that will stand your event in good stead moving forward.

  1. Use ‘To Be Announced’ venues wisely

Only use TBA venues if you’re unable to list the venue name or address. If the venue doesn’t exist on RA, please submit a new venue. It ensures users can find your event.

  1. Encourage your community to follow your promoter profile on RA

This ensures that they receive a push notification and email when you announce an event.

Following these tips can help to boost your event interest and ranking, leading to more ticket sales and a more engaged audience.

If you have any questions, please contact your partnerships manager or [email protected].

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